Terms & Conditions

I understand that;

  • as a member I commit to two separate payments (50% of the annual subscription every 6 months) in return for receiving two wine deliveries per annum (Autumn & Spring) and hereby authorise you to debit my card with the cost of the wine packages prior to despatch.
  • I commit to a minimum membership term of 12 months which will roll-over annually until I advise otherwise.
  • the cost of the wine packs are pre-determined at a flat rate and reviewed annually and that the postage cost is the only variable cost. My delivery address will determine the postage fee for each delivery.
  • that contact will be attempted with me prior to each delivery, and a maximum of three attempts to contact me will be made. If I am not able to be contacted, the wines will be sent to my address on file and my card will be debited automatically.
  • if I wish to cancel my membership after the minimum membership period of 12 months, I will notify Ravenscroft Vineyard via email or phone call.
  • there is a grace period in which to cancel my initial subscription of 10 working days from sign-up should I change my mind. This does not apply if the wines have already been despatched or delivered.
  • Ravenscroft Vineyard reserves its right to review pricing annually and that I will be notified of such changes no less that 1 month prior to the renewal date of my subscription.
  • the subscription can only be altered annually and therefore I will honour my commitment to both payments.